Farmers’ Market Ontario Membership

This year our group has decided to become a member of the Farmers’ Market Ontario group. We now have our application in and are currently waiting for approval.   We felt that in joining Farmers’ Market Ontario, it would be a great benefit for our market and our customers.  The biggest we felt is exposure.  We need to get our name out there so people know that we are here selling fresh local food and products.  It amazes me that even in our small community and after being here for 40 years, we still get the comment, that they didn’t know Renfrew had a Farmers’ Market!  By joining we also have to follow some rules and regulations but we hope this keeps everyone healthy and safe to be able to enjoy all our products we have to offer.  It will also help in keeping us informed when there are changes to the Rules and Regulations that we have to follow to be a vendor at a farmers market.  These can sometimes change monthly or yearly but this will help in keeping up to date!  There is also a lot of information for our vendors and customers on there as well.  You can check out the website at .

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