Exciting News

We have some exciting news to report.  The Renfrew Farmers’ Market is moving to the Renfrew Fair Grounds for a trial year as of June 2, 2012!  This idea has been tossed around for years and with the success of The Taste of the Valley we had many of our customers and vendors suggest that they would like to see it at the Fairgrounds.  So we investigated and found that we would be able to move to try it out.  We also talked with the town , who told us that if it didn’t work out, that we were welcome to come back to Railway Ave. the following year.  So the vendors got together, hashed it out and took a vote and voted to try it for the year.  At the meeting we let the vendors speak their mind and get everything out on the table.  Here is what most had to say good or bad.  We are finding that at the peak of our season, spots were getting tight on the little street and we have no room for expansion.  This would allow for more vendors and a better selection for our customers.  Our tents that many of our vendors use, are beginning to make getting through the market difficult and cumbersome for many of our customers.  Most agreed that parking for the market was an issue and many vendors took complaints about this.  We all know that we will not have those issue at the Fairgrounds. On the other side, most of the vendors were concerned with losing the atmosphere and quaintness that the market has.  We hope we can still maintain this as we are going to be keeping the layout the same and not spreading around all over the place and will allow our customers more room to socialize.  Another concern was with customers who walk to the market.  It is about 3 blocks away and yes it will be farther for some but closer for other.  Another concern was the business of Veterens Blvd. and the availability of electricity at the market.

So as you can see there are two sides and all valid points.  Like I said earlier, we have the option of going back to where it was before next year, if we feel its not going to work out for us, our customers and the fairgrounds.  But as one of the vendors put it at our meeting, we will never know unless we try!   So we hope that our customers will give our new home a fair chance this year and still come out to support and enjoy what our local vendors have to offer at the fairgrounds.  We want the Renfrew Farmers’ Market to be the best it can and we hope that this move will.  We would love to have some feedback from our customers as well so please feel free to comment on here or talk to us at the market.  We will still be on Railway Avenue for the month of May to get your baked goods, flowers, meats and more.

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