Is It Worth it?

How is everyone liking the new spot??  I am sure enjoying it on the days that I go.  This drought sure is taking a toll on many of the vegetable growers, I know it is for me and the reason I have not been to many markets yet!  The produce is just not growing and getting to market quality that I like to have to sell.  I have noticed that people like to walk up and down the market comparing what the vendors have and the price.  Being a vendor you also notice the looks when they do see a price they don’t like or they will comment that something is a little much.  But do you realize what goes into getting that food to you?  Do you ask the person selling what make his produce different from what you get at the grocery store?

We are bringing you fresh locally grown food and really it’s hard to compare market produce with supermarket produce, because it’s often not the same produce. A lot of farmers grow varieties that would be difficult to find in the industrial food stream. Heirlooms and specialty vegetables can be longer to grow and a bit more cantankerous in extreme weather conditions than the mass-produced cultivators. All of this, plus the fact that we remove weeds and insects manually rather than with chemical products adds to the value (nutritional and economical) of the food we bring to you at market. Most of the market growers believe freshly grown, sustainably produced food should be accessible to all, which is why we are always happy to exchange food for labour. Talk to your market growers and see if they would be interested in trading services for food…I know I would and have offered to a lot of people to come out and help and see how much work goes into bringing your food to the market but the though of that really doesn’t appeal to a lot of people. 

We at the Renfrew Farmer’s Market are lucky to have so many vendors that are offering fresh local food so please have a chat with that vendor and ask them about their food!!  Have a great week!

One thought on “Is It Worth it?

  1. Great post! I don’t think customers realize that we have been growing our tomatoes since the first of March!! Market vegetables usually have more flavour, especially the heirloom varieties. Tomatoes taste like tomatoes and aren’t as hard as baseballs. Not to mention that the vegetables were either picked that morning or the day before -not at least a week ago like at the grocery store. If people don’t want factory farms (for animals or vegetables) they have to be willing to pay fair price for the hand raised product.

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