Avalon Ranch at Farmers’ Market

Wow, what’s everyone doing with all this rain?? We have had such fluctuations in the weather that you don’t know what to do!! Heat to the point you are melting, then the next day down to 5 degree, and then rain till the cows come home!! I guess it is better than the drought conditions we all faced last year!! But this is not stopping the market from running.

This Saturday June 15, 2013 the Renfrew Farmers’ Market we will be hosting Mary from Avalon Ranch. She will be answering question on training your dog & grooming. She also offers agility training and is a sanctioned Dock Dog facility. So while you are out getting your fresh strawberries, flowers, baked goods and maybe some greens, come talk with Mary if you have any question and bring your canine friend!!

Also I would like to mention that due to Hogwild Porkfest taking over the grounds on Saturday June 22, 2013 the market has to move to Queen Elizabeth Public School for this week only.  We are still trying to work things out so that we will not have to do this next year so please be patient with us we still have some kinks!

This week at market you can find honey, strawberries, asperagus, jams, bread, tarts, pies, flowers, some salad greens and maple syrup!!

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