What’s Available???

July already and the market is finally starting to get into full swing with vegetables trickling in finally!  Things have been challenging for our vegetable producers the last couple years…last year drought conditions and this year flooding….quite the extreme!!  

So what can you find at our market right now???  This past week for vegetable we saw beets and beet tops, potatoes, radishes, garlic scapes, lettuce, green onions, swiss chard, kale, spinach, a little carrots and the first tasting of yellow beans!!!  We also had pies, tarts, bread, cake breads, squares, honey, lamb, strawberries, maple syrup and crafts.

We have a couple new vendors!!

We have Ralph Klietsch who is bringing local maple syrup!  

Our other vendor is Raw – Curious Kitchen owner April Cappel.  I had a chat with her about what she’s bringing.  She uses raw foods in her product, so her creations have no processed sugars, dairy, gluten in them.  I had a sampling of her granola and it was good!!  Very different as it was not full of sugar and very natural taste.  So if you want to get healthy, are diabetic, or have gluten issues check out the Raw – Curious Kitchen!!

This Saturday the weather looks very promising with sun, sun, sun!! So come on out and get your fresh local products and produce!!!  We start at 7 am and go to 12 pm at the Renfrew Fairgrounds!!!


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