New Changes

Happy New Year!!taste of Valley

Bbrrr!! It sure has been a cold one! Last year just seems to have flown by and we are already close to February! With the New Year comes a couple of changes, don’t worry, nothing major.

First, we have a new website address! Our new address is Don’t worry if you use our old one, it is linked to the new one so you can’t lose us!

Second, we have a new email address where you can get a hold of us. It is

Lastly, we are getting into the swing of technology and we have a Twitter account!! So if you are and avid user of Twitter please follow us on there as well. Our handle is @renfrewfarmmkt

We had a really great season last year with lots of extras! How did everyone like having the Rotary Club out for bacon on a bun Saturday mornings!! They sure are yummy. The vendors really enjoyed that, that’s for sure. We are hoping that they will return throughout the summer again this year. The Strawberry Fundraiser for the Sunshine Coach was a hit as well…I can just taste that yummy Strawberry Shortcake we served up!! We also had a couple businesses out on display and the Renfrew Scouts showed up on their Apple Day!

I know that our committee members are planning some more things for the up coming season and if you have an idea or feedback on how to make our market better, please come see us at the market, facebook, twitter or email!!

For returning vendors, we should have applications out to you shortly and I hope to have the application form up in the next couple days for anyone interested in becoming a vendor!

I think that’s it so please try and stay warm and have a great day!

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