Spring?? Where Are You?

It’s the 26th of March and a couple days into spring and it sure doesn’t feel or look like it!!  It’s really hard to believe that our first market day is little over a month away!!  May 3rd is our first market day this year!

But there is a little bit of good news, I was looking at the 2 week trend at the Weather Network Website and things are looking up….I don’t see any nights dipping past -10 and above 0 degrees during the day!!  I know I can’t wait!!!!! Hopefully this is good new for our Maple syrup vendors as they need warm days and cool nights.

Well on to Market news. I am happy to report that at our AGM meeting that we voted for the market to be staying at  the fairground and it looks like it will be our new spot for a while.  We have more vendors this year and it is a great spot to expand and have a beautiful market.  As always we love to hear what our customers have to say and if you have any ideas  to make our market better please talk with one of the vendors, shoot us an email at renfrewmarket@gmail.com or comment on our facebook page!

We are also planning some draws for gift baskets for over the summer and we plan on doing some facebook contests, so keep checking back to see what is happening there 🙂

So exciting, lots going on and new things happening.  We have some new vegetable vendors , baking, beautiful crafts and a fair trade coffee vendor 🙂 Good new for our coffee lovers out there! I just love how our market is growning!! Don’t worry…most of our regular vendors will be back to serve you too with their wonderful product…I just wanted to share our new guys today.  I will  post a little more on our new vendor another morning when I have more details to share !!

Have a great day everyone!!  Looks like March is going out like a lamb 🙂



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