Asparagus and Rhubarb!!!

MMMM…Here comes the fresh stuff we have been craving all winter long, since the last market last year!!

McGregor’s will be out with fresh Asparagus grown right here in Renfrew!! You can’t beat that!!

Beth’s Kitchen will be featuring some freshly canned Rhubarb Jam (which I had the pleasure of taste testing…..all I can say is mmmmmmm)  She will also have some freshly canned Strawberry Rhubarb Jam as well as her yummy Lemon Loaves!

Agnes the Pie Lady, tells me that she will have a limited supply of Rhubarb Pie, so you better come early to grab one of those…..we open at 7am!!!

Pinnacle Haven Farm is starting back this week with their lamb!  They are also raising some pigs this year and I believe they are taking orders for halves or quarters or cuts…so be sure to come talk with them…..oh BBQ season is about to hit!!

Reiche Meats will be there with bacon and sausage and I haven’t heard from the Yellow Rose what they will have but I am sure they will have some pickled asparagus, pictures and dried fruit!

Our bakers from Shawville should be back this week with breads and goodies for our customers.  We have  a new crafter this year and she has some pretty neat looking fairy houses that you have to check out!

This is all I have heard from but there may be more!  You will have to stop by tomorrow and check it out !!!  Hopefully all this rain will pass and our vendors will have an excellent day!!  Till then, take care 🙂


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