A New Year, A New Season


Wow the end of January already and what a beauty of a day!  Hope everyone is staying warm but I am glad it is not as bad a last year!  A new year a new start and we are hoping to keep this blog a little more up to date this year ….at least that is the goal.

I hope everyone is getting excited for the market to start getting up and running, I know I am.  I have been really missing all the fresh and local products…especially lettuces, kale and tomatoes.

Although you don’t see us in the winter too much we are always busy getting ready for something or other.  I hear there has been some lambing going on at Pinnacle Haven Farm and I can hear all the seed catalogues pages been flipped as our veggie vendors get their seed orders in order.

The market committee members are busy planning what will be happening throughout the summer and are always looking for new idea as to how we can attract more people to come out to the market Saturday morning, what kind of vendors or products our customers are looking for and as well volunteers.  If you do have any ideas you can comment below, send an email, go to our facebook page and leave a message there!  As well if you know any of the vendors you can talk with them and they will get your message to us 🙂

I think that’s it for now but I will have another post in the next couple days to update anything new!!

As always have a great day 🙂



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