Welcome to the Renfrew Farmers’ Market!

 We have been in operations since 1972, when a Dutch immigrant, Will Beimers, started this market.  Other families started to come a year later and there are still some of the original families who come out each weekend.  In 2011, we celebrated our 40th Anniversary as a Farmers` Market.


A few families who started a year or so after, are still Vendors at the Renfrew Market today. The McGregor Family is still very popular with their early strawberries, wax beans and corn. In the early days, Mrs. McGregor and her daughters provided a lot of baking as well. The Mac Lavallee Family continues also to provide a bounty of fresh yellow beans and savory as well as other produce. Bob Bouchard started with produce and now continues with his superb honey. And Bill Gagan continues with his fresh apples.

Some past Vendors, as many may recall, that provided the Renfrew Farmers’ Market over the past years with their specialties were— Mr. Hultink with gladiolas and plants; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Shields with purple beans and yellow tomatoes; Mrs.Ethel McLaughlin with plenty of rhubarb and other vegetables; Mr. Provert with potatoes; Mr.Mike Polaski with huge tomatoes, potatoes and squashes; Mrs. Margaret Kenny had later produce of cauliflower , turnip and gladiolas; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ferguson with honey; Mrs. Catherine Gallagher with pies and other baking and Al Marion with a small assortment of cut flowers, wood working of children’s furniture and plant stands and most of all provided us with music from his car. 

The Market

We are located in Renfrew, Ontario and in 2012 our location moved to the Renfrew Fair Grounds on Veteran’s Memorial Blvd.. The Market opens in May and runs till Thanksgiving weekend in October.   At the peak of the season we have as many as 25 vendors, with baking, crafts, potted plants, vegetables, meats and honey, who enjoy serving and providing the Renfrew Community and visitors with quality products and a great big smile.  Below is a map in case you are new to the area or our market.