Spring?? Where Are You?

It’s the 26th of March and a couple days into spring and it sure doesn’t feel or look like it!!  It’s really hard to believe that our first market day is little over a month away!!  May 3rd is our first market day this year!

But there is a little bit of good news, I was looking at the 2 week trend at the Weather Network Website and things are looking up….I don’t see any nights dipping past -10 and above 0 degrees during the day!!  I know I can’t wait!!!!! Hopefully this is good new for our Maple syrup vendors as they need warm days and cool nights.

Well on to Market news. I am happy to report that at our AGM meeting that we voted for the market to be staying at  the fairground and it looks like it will be our new spot for a while.  We have more vendors this year and it is a great spot to expand and have a beautiful market.  As always we love to hear what our customers have to say and if you have any ideas  to make our market better please talk with one of the vendors, shoot us an email at renfrewmarket@gmail.com or comment on our facebook page!

We are also planning some draws for gift baskets for over the summer and we plan on doing some facebook contests, so keep checking back to see what is happening there 🙂

So exciting, lots going on and new things happening.  We have some new vegetable vendors , baking, beautiful crafts and a fair trade coffee vendor 🙂 Good new for our coffee lovers out there! I just love how our market is growning!! Don’t worry…most of our regular vendors will be back to serve you too with their wonderful product…I just wanted to share our new guys today.  I will  post a little more on our new vendor another morning when I have more details to share !!

Have a great day everyone!!  Looks like March is going out like a lamb 🙂



2014 Vendor Applications Now Available

Yes it is that time of year again!!  2014 Vendor applications are now available!  If you are a returning vendor or would like to become a vendor you can get your application under the Vendor section of the Website!  I will have the Rules and Regulations up tomorrow!!

Here is the link!  https://renfrewfarmersmarket.com/new-vendors/

Hope to see some new faces out to the market this year!!  We are always looking for new  vendors with something a little bit different!  We are looking currently looking for Beef or Pork Vendors.  Lots of space available.  Please remember products must be made yourself or on the farm…no reselling (epicure, avon, etc) items allowed.

Have a great day!!

Update Jan 25, 2014 : The 2014 Rules and Regulations are now up on the Website as well!!

New Changes

Happy New Year!!taste of Valley

Bbrrr!! It sure has been a cold one! Last year just seems to have flown by and we are already close to February! With the New Year comes a couple of changes, don’t worry, nothing major.

First, we have a new website address! Our new address is www.renfrewfarmersmarket.com. Don’t worry if you use our old one, it is linked to the new one so you can’t lose us!

Second, we have a new email address where you can get a hold of us. It is renfrewmarket@gmail.com.

Lastly, we are getting into the swing of technology and we have a Twitter account!! So if you are and avid user of Twitter please follow us on there as well. Our handle is @renfrewfarmmkt

We had a really great season last year with lots of extras! How did everyone like having the Rotary Club out for bacon on a bun Saturday mornings!! They sure are yummy. The vendors really enjoyed that, that’s for sure. We are hoping that they will return throughout the summer again this year. The Strawberry Fundraiser for the Sunshine Coach was a hit as well…I can just taste that yummy Strawberry Shortcake we served up!! We also had a couple businesses out on display and the Renfrew Scouts showed up on their Apple Day!

I know that our committee members are planning some more things for the up coming season and if you have an idea or feedback on how to make our market better, please come see us at the market, facebook, twitter or email!!

For returning vendors, we should have applications out to you shortly and I hope to have the application form up in the next couple days for anyone interested in becoming a vendor!

I think that’s it so please try and stay warm and have a great day!

What’s Available???

July already and the market is finally starting to get into full swing with vegetables trickling in finally!  Things have been challenging for our vegetable producers the last couple years…last year drought conditions and this year flooding….quite the extreme!!  

So what can you find at our market right now???  This past week for vegetable we saw beets and beet tops, potatoes, radishes, garlic scapes, lettuce, green onions, swiss chard, kale, spinach, a little carrots and the first tasting of yellow beans!!!  We also had pies, tarts, bread, cake breads, squares, honey, lamb, strawberries, maple syrup and crafts.

We have a couple new vendors!!

We have Ralph Klietsch who is bringing local maple syrup!  

Our other vendor is Raw – Curious Kitchen owner April Cappel.  I had a chat with her about what she’s bringing.  She uses raw foods in her product, so her creations have no processed sugars, dairy, gluten in them.  I had a sampling of her granola and it was good!!  Very different as it was not full of sugar and very natural taste.  So if you want to get healthy, are diabetic, or have gluten issues check out the Raw – Curious Kitchen!!

This Saturday the weather looks very promising with sun, sun, sun!! So come on out and get your fresh local products and produce!!!  We start at 7 am and go to 12 pm at the Renfrew Fairgrounds!!!


Thank You!!

On behalf of the Farmer’s Market, we have to give a huge shout out to all the amazing people who came out/volunteered to the Market July 6th to help support the Strawberry Festival in support of the Sunshine Coach!!

Thank you Ann McGregor & your family for donating the strawberries toward this event. As well as the Rotary Club who donated the coffee sales!!

Thank you as well to the Old Time Country Music Group who provided the wonderful entertainment!! It made the morning.

We raised $500.77 in total for the Renfrew Sunshine Coach. A cheque will be presented to them during the market hours Sat. July 20th. around 9:30am.

A great feeling to have the community come together and support a great service in the community!!


Strawberry Frestival

The Renfrew Farmers’ Market is putting on a Strawberry Festival Sat. July 6th. The proceeds will go the Renfrew Sunshine Coach .  The Rotary Club will also be there selling Bacon on a Bun and hopefully entertainment as well.  Starting at 9:00 am running to 1:00 pm.

You can enjoy a delicious strawberry shortcake for a donation to the Sunshine Coach. So set the alarm and head to the market for breakfast, some shopping and finish with a delicious dessert!

Of course the Market is in full swing  and open at 7 am, with more fresh produce arriving each week  Also pies, butter tarts, breads, other treats, honey and flowers.

Avalon Ranch at Farmers’ Market

Wow, what’s everyone doing with all this rain?? We have had such fluctuations in the weather that you don’t know what to do!! Heat to the point you are melting, then the next day down to 5 degree, and then rain till the cows come home!! I guess it is better than the drought conditions we all faced last year!! But this is not stopping the market from running.

This Saturday June 15, 2013 the Renfrew Farmers’ Market we will be hosting Mary from Avalon Ranch. She will be answering question on training your dog & grooming. She also offers agility training and is a sanctioned Dock Dog facility. So while you are out getting your fresh strawberries, flowers, baked goods and maybe some greens, come talk with Mary if you have any question and bring your canine friend!!

Also I would like to mention that due to Hogwild Porkfest taking over the grounds on Saturday June 22, 2013 the market has to move to Queen Elizabeth Public School for this week only.  We are still trying to work things out so that we will not have to do this next year so please be patient with us we still have some kinks!

This week at market you can find honey, strawberries, asperagus, jams, bread, tarts, pies, flowers, some salad greens and maple syrup!!

Opening Day

What a beautiful day we had for our opening day and although we had very few vendors out, it still great to get going.  Thank you to our customers who came out to support the 3 vendors who were there!!  Our troopers were Beth’s Kitchen, Mr. Bouchard’s Honey and Claire, on of the crafters.

As the month progresses, we hope to have more vendors out and maybe even some veggies by the end of the month!!  Next Saturday, Agnes the Pie Lady will be back with her wonderful pies and tarts and Pinnacle Haven Farms will be bringing their tasty lamb!!  Hope to see you Saturday at the Market.


Sorry for the Inconvenience: Opening Day is May 4th, 2013

It was brought to my attention yesterday that the myFM community calender was wrong.  We have had the issued fixed since and will be on the calendar in May, when it is suppose to be!  Thanks to myFM for getting it fixed in a timely manner as when I went to check it later Saturday, it had been fixed.  I do apologize for those who went and no one was there!!    Our opening day is Saturday May 4th!!!  See you then!